About me

Hi! I’m Wallis, your average Belgian-living in the United States- traveling all over the place kind of girl. I’m a travel blogger and personal development coach and I’m here because I want to make you realize that you can reach your inner potential to make all your dreams come true! Whether those are related to travel, finances, health, fitness or anything else, I am here to help you find your wanderland and help you take the necessary steps to find the motivation and courage to become the best version of yourself!

“When there is a will, there is a way”

Exploring the Kenai Fjords

A little bit about myself:

I was born and raised in Brussels, Belgium, the capital of Europe and the headquarters of the European Union. From early on, I was surrounded on a daily basis by people from different countries and cultures. During my last year of college in Brussels in 2011, I moved to the United States for a study abroad. I ended up in Atlanta, and after graduating from college in Belgium, I decided to stay there for another three years. In 2015, I moved to Chicago to study a masters in Refugee Studies. Having always been a little bit of an empath and humanitarian, I wanted to know how I could help vulnerable people. Little did I know that I would end up becoming one myself.

My story is about how traveling saved my life. This is a very hard story for me to tell, but I believe it is worth sharing with the world because I really want people to know how good traveling can be to your mental and physical health and how traveling can help not only cultivate one’s intellect, but also improve overall happiness and self-confidence. Without getting into details, a few years ago I ended up in a one and a half year emotionally abusive relationship. On top of this, I had always been a very emotional and unconfident person, and had gained 20 pounds in three months after moving to the United States. During my destructive relationship, every day brought me one step closer to losing myself. I was depressed, suffered from anxiety, and I reached a point where I just couldn’t find a good reason to live anymore. But after almost two years, I found the strength to get out of my situation. Unfortunately, I hadn’t anticipated that by losing the guy, I would lose myself even more. I became a total wreck. I had been ripped of all self-confidence, self-respect and independence and I was sinking into a deep, dark hole of depression and almost gave up.

And then one day, my friends convinced me to go with them on a weekend road trip. I gave it a try, and found some kind of mental liberation to being stuck in a car for hours. It was absolutely mind-calming, and even though I would cry here and there, the feeling of spending one weekend away from all familiarity had never felt better. That very day, I decided to start traveling as often as I could. In the beginning, it was a way of freeing my mind from the darkness, but over time, I started realizing that I had acquired an addiction to discovering and exploring the unknown. Every travel brought me one step closer to finding myself again, and over time, I realized that my mind and soul were happy and at peace. Not only did traveling trigger my curiosity, which led me to finally understand that the world offers more to life than one abusive boyfriend, but it also provided me access to finding back my courage and independence, which in its turn paved the way for improving my self-confidence and- love.

A couple of months ago, I decided to take it a step further and find out what makes ME happy and what goals I want to achieve in life. I capitalized ME and I because regardless what we believe, many of our actions in life are directed by the views and ideas of others. Whether it is how we dress, what we study in school, what career we opt for, what food we eat, what places we go to (and so on), there is an unconscious influence in our choices from the people around us or in the media. But in order to be truly happy, you have to set aside what other people want!  Today, I found my purpose in life and I have finally accepted who I am and what I want from this beautiful life that we were given. And I really want the same for you. I want (need) to help people that are struggling to get through life themselves; people who deep down know that they want something else from life but are not sure how to go for it.

My beautiful Chicago

How I want to help you:

I’m not here to only promote traveling and destinations (although I hope you will consider jumping on an airplane after going through my blog), but I’m here to help find what makes YOU happy and work with YOU to achieve your goals.

I am leading a heatlh, fitness & personal development program, and am accepting applications ! Check out the following link to the Warrior Wellness Studio page of my blog (or click on it in the menu).  You can also find me on Facebook, on Instagram or on Twitter.  Connect with me, I love to meet new people and make new friends! 🙂 If you have any questions or are interested in having a one-on-one personal development focus session, shoot me a message!

It’s time to find YOUR wanderland!

Much love,