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Why did I become a coach?

I became a health + fitness + personal development coach because I finally found something that works and that I can stick with. Which is an INCREDIBLE thing because I’ve struggled my entire life with health, fitness and especially personal development. Now I have all three together working for me! After almost 10 years of struggling with heavy depression and a lack of purpose in my life, I was finally able to kick depression in the butt and completely change my lifestyle for the better thanks to my beautiful coach and a program tailored just for my needs. Today, it is my turn to teach and help others, especially those who are struggling with insecurity, depression, and general lack of self-appreciation. I want to show you that YES, good things can (and will) happen to you. You CAN overcome all your issues! All you need is the right mindset, a support group and a mentor to help you through it. And this is exactly what me and my team can provide you with. With my coaching and support, and with the support from all the other ladies in our challenge groups, I will help you overcome your biggest fears and insecurities, and help you take control of your life and happiness again! Remember, YOU are all YOU need!



Challenge Group

Do you want to take your life back? Do you want to be given an opportunity to free yourself from self-doubt and insecurity? Our team is currently partaking in a success building each day! Do you have 25 min a day to dedicate on YOU? That’s literally all you need! Every month, me and my team host a virtual fitness and personal development challenge where we help women achieve their goals and KICK NEGATIVITY IN THE BUTT (excuse my language haha). We are dedicated to help you become the happiest and healthiest version of yourself!

Here is what you will get if you join my team: I will be your coach AND YOUR FRIEND. I want to point this out because it’s important that you know that I genuinely care about helping others, and I don’t do this for the money. We will have a one on one session where I’ll assess your personal goals and put together an individual meal plan and workout program that fits YOUR NEEDS. From there on, I’ll be your accountability partner for every step of your journey. Accountability is super important, it helps you focus and working on getting those results! Just keep in mind, this isn’t a magic pill of any kind, you will have to change your mindset and lifestyle!

TEAM YOU ARE ALL YOU NEED –>  We still have some spots left for this month’s challenge group! September 29 is the enrollment deadline for my October online health + fitness challenge group and we’re already filling up spots! Spaces are limited because as a coach, I want to be able to give you my undivided attention and be there for you through every second of your journey! This is why we are only looking for women who are absolutely serious about wanting to make a change!

Interested in joining our challenge group? Message me,  I would love to get to know you and find out what YOU need to make YOU happy <3

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