5 Reasons why you MUST Stay at the Costeño Beach Hostel

It’s been almost a week and I’m still looking for the words to describe how incredible my stay at the Costeño Beach Hostel was. To give you an idea, I was supposed to stay for two days, and ended up staying for four. If I hadn’t made plans in Bogota already, I would have probably never left.

Costeño Beach is a stretch of beach of approximately four kilometers long and is mostly unpopulated. It is located right next to the Tayrona National Park in Colombia and is the perfect destination for those that want to stay away from the Tayrona tourists. I visited in September during the rainy season. In the beginning I thought it would be ruining my vacation, but it ended up being the most incredible experience of my life. It was sunny during the entire day, so perfect tanning weather, and then around 5-6pm it would rain for an hour or two. But what happened after that is what blew my mind. Every night, once the rain stopped and the sky cleared up, we were able to witness some spectacular lightning storms who would take over the sky for the entire evening. Lightning would spread across the sky in the back of the ocean, and right on top of us were countless amounts of stars. The dry season is fun and all, but guys, check out the rainy season in Tayrona!

Lightning Show

So what makes this hostel one of the best hostels I’ve been to in my entire life?






Well let’s start with the accommodations. The hostel offers five types of sleeping options: the hammocks, the dorms, the bungalows, the cocohabs and the uvitahabs.

Sleeping in the hammocks is the cheapest option available, for 23,000 pesos per night (+- $7.8). The hammocks, which are located on the bottom floor of the dorms on the ocean front, come with mosquito nets, a light and power socket, and a security locker.

The dorms are 35,000 pesos per night (+-$12), and located on the second floor of the ocean front building. Each bed comes with a mosquito net, a light and power socket as well as a security locker. Most of the friends I made at the hostel were staying at the dorms and absolutely loved it. They particularly appreciated that the dorm was located in an open air space, providing a constant flow of fresh air and a sense of calmness coming from the ocean waves.

The bungalow is the upgraded version of the dorms, if you prefer to have some privacy. They are basic wooden structures that fit a full size bed inside (see picture below) and are only 37,500 pesos per night (+- $12.8). They as well, come with a mosquito net, a light and power socket and a security locker.



The uvita-habs and the coco-habs are the nicest options available as they offer you comfort, space and privacy. The uvita-habs are 65,000 pesos per night (+- $22) and the coco-habs (see top picture) are 75,000 pesos per night (+- $25.5). Both the uvita-habs and the coco-habs are private rooms located just a few meters away from the water, and come with a private balcony, a full-sized bed, a mosquito net, a fan and a security locker. The difference between both is that the coco-habs are located higher up. We stayed in one of the coco-habs and had the most meticulous experience. Every night, comfortably laying underneath my mosquito net, I peacefully fell asleep by the sound of the waves crashing on the beach.



Surfing under the Sunset

The next reason why the Costeño Beach Hostel is filled with awesomeness is its location and activities. First of all, the hostel is located right next to the beautiful Tayrona National Park. The park itself covers an area of 150sq km (58sq miles), and has some of the most splendid beaches in the country. It is also an amazing destination for hiking, cycling, snorkeling and horse-riding. The entrance of the park costs 45,000 pesos (+- $15.4) and it’s open all year long!

Secondly, the hostel has a freaking surf camp! The Costeño beach ocean brings some of the best waves and therefore surf conditions in Colombia’s Caribbean waters. The hostel offers awesome surf classes that are available all year long. If surfing is not your thing, that’s totally ok, although I promise you that you will spend most of your day watching people surfing in front of the hostel (while sipping on a mojito in one of their comfy hammocks).

Surfing in the Storm

Other activities include day trips in the region to  Minca, Taganga, Palomino or even treks to La Ciudad Perdida. Oh, and did I mention they have yoga classes? 🙂



Tayrona National Park

As explained above, the beach hostel is located right next to the Tayrona National Park. From the hostel, you can take a moto-taxi for 10,000 pesos to the national park, which takes approximately 8-9 minutes. You can also take the bus to Santa Marta, the main city in the area, which is located 30 minutes by regular taxi (100,000 pesos) or by bus (7000 pesos). If you are staying in the region, the hostel provides an amazing middle ground because you are both close to the city but still distant enough to get all those quiet and peaceful vibes. On the other side  of the hostel, you have the town of Palomino, located 45 minutes away by taxi or bus and one of the travelers favorite destinations for tubing and beaches.

Food / Drinks


The Hostel Bar

Talking about mojitos. The hostel offers three meals a day and a full bar. You open a tab when you check in, and you don’t have to pay anything until you leave the hostel (so even though room check out is at 11:00 am, you don’t need to pay until 10:00pm that same day). Food-wise, they offer different meals every day, which were all really tasty. They also take your food allergies/ preferences into consideration when you check in, and always have gluten free and vegan options available for people (like me) who can’t have the main options! Breakfast is around 6000 pesos (+- $2), and lunch/dinner is around 15,000 pesos (+- $5). They also make really tasty cocktails (my favorite being the coffeelicious, but my constant coffee cravings might make me biased), but drink fast, because the bar closes at 11:30pm most days!

The vibes


This right here, is what totally made my stay. Best vibes I’ve experienced in my life. I’m sure it has to do with the fact that the hostel is located on the beach and that most of the crowd is made up of adventurous travelers. I met some amazing souls, both working there and visiting. There are hammocks all over the place where you can relax, have a beer, read a book or chat with the person in the hammock next to you. Surfers will be riding the waves right in front of you, and others will be tanning in the long chairs that are on the uninhabited beach. We had a 4km beach all to ourselves. After dinner, the main dining area cleared up to become the main hangout spot, with people playing board games, drinking beers, or dancing the night away.

Ready to make your reservation? Click here to check out their website!

Conclusion = Best hostel I’ve had the pleasure to stay at in my entire life.
Conclusion #2 = Y’all hiring?

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  • Medha Verma Bector

    Wow amazing picture of the lightening show, i am impressed ! The hostel does look like the perfect place to relax with those hammocks and that bungalow sure looks like the sort of place I’d like to stay in ! I can imagine why you extended your vacation from 2 days to 4 🙂

    • Wallis

      I wish I could have stayed longer this place is incredible!!

  • Vanessa Day

    This place sounds amazing! I love all the different accommodations, I’d probably go for the bungalows or coco-habs. I love all the different activities and the fact that it’s so close to Tayrona National Park. Colombia has been on my bucket list for a while, and this sounds like a great spot to stay.

    • Wallis

      The coco-habs are definitely my favorite. If you go to Colombia and Tayrona you have to stay at this place !

  • Amit Sharma

    ok, so firstly I hope you know that you’ve made me a very jealous boy haha – Tayrona was closed while I was in Colombia, it was so high on my Colombia list as well! – secondly I was told there wasn’t any hostels along Tayrona, thirdly this hostel looks amazing, so cool you got see a lightning show, when I lived in Bali during the rainy season I would watch the lightning smash the sea from my balcony was so cool 😀 – Next time I back to Colombia, I have to stay here 😀

    • Wallis

      Ah now you make me jealous as well haha i would LOVE to go to Bali! What time period would be best in the year to see lightning storms?

  • TheSavvyGlobetrotter

    This hostel looks like a great place to relax! Have yet to visit Colombia but would love to stay here when I do.

  • The place looks so super cosy! Will definitely keep that place in mind in case I’ll ever get the chance to Colombia! 😀

  • Leah Rachael

    Looks like a great place to stay! Very relaxing.