La Brisa Tranquila – Hostel Review

La Brisa Tranquila is a beach hostel on Costeño beach, a mostly unpopulated stretch of beach of approximately four kilometers long. It is located right next to the beautiful Tayrona National Park in northern Colombia. I spent two nights at La Brisa Tranquila, because I had completely fallen in love with the area and just did not want to leave.

Bonfire & Main Hangout


The hostel offers four types of accommodations: the hammocks, the dorm rooms, the private beach huts and the private palm suites. I’m not quite sure how much the hammocks are, but the dorms are 30,000 pesos per night (+- $10.2), the beach huts are 80,000 pesos per night (+- $27) and the palm suites are 140,000 pesos per night (+- $47.6).

Both hammocks as dorm beds come with a mosquito net, towels, a security safe and a storage locker, and include shared bathrooms. The dorms come with additional included linens and a personal fan. The beach huts come with a full sized mattress, as well as a portable fan and an electronic safe. Bathrooms are shared just like in the dorms and hammocks. The palm suites come with a queen-sized bed and a private bathroom, as well as a mosquito net, an electronic safe and towels.

The dorms

Restaurant/ Bar

The best part of this hostel is the extensive food menu they offer. The food is delicious and they serve it all day long. For breakfast, they offer burritos, breakfast sandwiches, scrambles, pancakes and yogurt. For lunch and dinner they offer sandwiches, burgers, salads, quesadillas, burritos, wings, taco salads, fresh fish, teriyaki bowls and salchis. There are literally SO MANY OPTIONS and all of them are amazing! They also have a lot of fresh and exotic fruit so make sure to try one of their tasty juices. My personal favorite? The coconut lemonade.


At La Brisa Tranquila, you can rent a paddle board for 40,000 pesos or a boogie board for 10,000 pesos. Surfing is available as well through the Costeño Beach Surfcamp which is only a 5 minute walk on the beach! My favorite activity may have been lazying away in one of their hammocks while reading a good book and staring endlessly at the ocean. At night, you can sit around the bonfire and make new friends while listening to music.

La Brisa Tranquila also offers a variety of excursions and activities outside of the hostel. You can, for example, take a moto-taxi to the beautiful Tayrona National Park. The park itself covers an area of 150sq km (58sq miles), and has some of the most splendid beaches in the country. It is also an amazing destination for hiking, cycling, snorkeling and horse-riding. The entrance of the park costs 45,000 pesos (+- $15.4) and it’s open all year long!

Tayrona National Park

Another excursion offered by the hostel is a 4-6-day trek to la Ciudad Perdida. This strenuous hike into the jungle will bring you to the sacred site of the Lost City, which was discovered less than 50 years ago. The trek brings your through an indigenous village, steep trails, waterfalls, over rivers and climbing over 1000 ancient steps. Definitely an amazing experience for those wanting to let their Indiana Jones out!

Other activities include day trips to Minca, a small village 45 minutes away from the hostel and tubing at the Rio don Diego. The first one lies up into the Sierra Nevada Mountains and offers waterfalls, coffee farm tours, hiking, ziplining, rappelling and apparently, the world’s largest hammock. The latter is a good 30 minutes away and is the most popular tubing spot in the region!

Yoga on the Beach


Personal Opinion

La Brisa Tranquila has the best location. It is a 5-7 minute drive from the Tayrona National Park and 30 minute drive from Palomino. It is secluded so you have the beach all to yourself, along with the other travelers from the hostel. I had an amazing time there, and honestly could not stop eating their food. Everything on the menu is fresh and delicious and super cheap! I would highly recommend this hostel to anyone going to the Tayrone area!

To make a reservation or to visit their website, click here !


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  • Medha Verma Bector

    Hammocks are actually a sort of accommodation? Wow, I wonder what they look like? I do love the beach huts, they’re the perfect kind of place I like to stay in on a vacation. Love the picture of the national park too, so lovely!

    • Wallis

      Haha yes I was surprised as well, they are just regular hammocks. I love to lay in a hammock to read a book or something but I’m not sure i’d sleep well in one haha

  • TheSavvyGlobetrotter

    This hostel looks like a great place to relax! Love that you can have the beach all to yourself.

  • Amit Sharma

    You know during my 6 years I’ve been lucky enough to stay in some amazingly quirky hostels around the world and it was the same in Central and South America – It’s such a shame I couldn’t get up to Tayrona : after reading your previous post and now this one, and hearing stories from other travelers It’s not hard to see why you didn’t want to leave – I would have been exactly the same 😀 just out of curiosity what time of year did you go?

    • Wallis

      I went end of September. Middle of the rainy season but it was absolutely incredible and so worth it!!

    • Wallis

      Yeah the northern part of Colombia is incredible! I went end of September, so peak of the rain season haha but i’d go back in a heartbeat!!

  • Amrita Sen

    The hostel looks so beautiful. And the activities that you can do are so interesting! The beach looks so serene.

  • Christina

    I do not typically stay in hostels, but if I had to choose one it would definitely be this one! It looks beautiful right one the beach and the food sounds great! Plus I would love to enjoy all those activities!

  • Sounds like an amazing place, and really love the pictures from the beach! So beautiful! Just make me want to go right away!

    Really? They have hammocks as an accommodation option? Never hard of a hostel having that… I would properly not close an eye if I were to sleep in one of those. Haha.